Eight places to take socially distanced graduation photos

By Gwyn Skiles, Features Editor

Flipping through family photo albums in a couple decades, graduates will search for a photo of themselves smiling with pride and dripping in orange and blue from head to toe.
There are several iconic spots on campus where moms will usher their graduate to stand awkwardly while she clicks her camera ferociously.
But with negative COVID-19 status required to enter buildings, many backdrops might be inaccessible. Here are some outdoor locations where graduates may social distance in style.

Alma Mater

Can you even graduate from the University if you don’t have at least one picture in front of Alma Mater?
Located at the corner of Green and Wright streets, Alma Mater’s open arms welcome all who come to campus and bid a bittersweet farewell to all who graduate.
But be warned, many people will be lined up to take photos at this iconic spot on campus. So have a plan, smile big, throw your cap and move onto the next destination.
Look at the Alma Cam prior to see how crowded it is.

Japan House Gardens

While the cherry blossoms have lost their petals, the Japan House offers a quiet, serene location with a beautiful, earthy backdrop.
There are plenty of voluminous trees for one to pose in front of. However, the mud and grass might dirty one’s shoes. Make sure to save the showstopper pair of heels for a different location.

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    South Quad Bell Tower
    The unique angles and pillars of the South Quad Bell Tower provide the perfect backdrop for an artistic, solo shot.
    Located at a quieter part of campus, there’s a lot of time to play with angles and do a quick outfit change if desired.
    Outside of Memorial Stadium
    Even though the doors remained closed for most of this year, Memorial Stadium still stands in all its glory.
    When looking through the photo album, this photo serves as a reminder of all the fun, Big Ten activities the University hosted.
    Although it might be tempting, don’t hop the fence. All the game day spirit needed will be available in permitted locations.
    Krannert Center for the Performing Arts
    There are many outdoor locations around the Krannert Center for the Performing Arts to take photos and wide open spaces perfect for social distancing.
    The white steps of the Krannert Amphitheatre will make the blue and orange colors on the cap and gown standout. And if one desires, the sturdy brick walls are perfect for a cheesy, lean-against-the-wall picture.
    Outside of Foellinger Auditorium
    Located at the hub of campus, the patio outside of Foellinger Hall overlooks the Main Quad.
    On a nice day, students playing frisbee, having a picnic or sleeping in hammocks will capture the energy of campus.
    Make sure to angle the camper away from Davenport Hall so construction doesn’t distract from the desired aesthetic.
    Look at the Quad Cam prior to coming to see what the energy is like.
    Bardeen Quad
    Commonly known as the Engineering Quad, this location has many sculptures to pose in front of.
    There’s also a pristine riverfront that provides a peaceful backdrop unique to campus.
    In front of various fountains
    Whether it be the petite fountain outside of Harker Hall or the jets bursting from the fountain at the Hallene Gateway, the fountains on campus are priceless.
    While most locations on campus require the graduate to stand, the ledges of the fountain allow for sitting photos.
    Play around with poses. Just make sure you don’t fall in!

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