Holiday drinks brighten up festive season

By Matthew Beyer, Staff Writer

In typical 2020 fashion, this upcoming holiday season is going to look much different. Out of fear of spreading disease like the first Thanksgiving, many families have opted out of typical Thanksgiving dinner celebrations. Without your uncle’s controversial political views or your grandma asking you for the seventh year in a row why you are still single, things may feel extra lonely this season. Luckily for you and your sanity, the one thing COVID-19 has not taken away is the liquor cabinet. Will this be the most beautiful time of the year, or a “very dark winter?” All this depends on whether your glass is half full or half empty … of these delicious festive drinks:

Crown Royal Iced Hot Chocolate

This is not your mom’s typical hot chocolate. This tasty chocolate treat with a kick is fairly simple: a regular hot chocolate with 1 ounce of whole milk and the key ingredient: 1.5 ounces Crown Royal Deluxe Whiskey. If you really feel like adding holiday spirit to your drink, you can add condiments, like a cherry, whipped cream or a chocolate straw. You can turn a typical, boring hot chocolate into an ice cream sundae extravaganza.

Holiday Moscow Mule

It seems like no matter the season or situation, there is always a mule for it. This festive recipe first calls for the mule’s essentials: 2 ounces of vodka, 1 ounce each of ginger beer and lime juice. Then add an ounce of cranberry juice for extra flavor, cranberries and rosemary garnish for design, and you have all the holiday spirit you want. And do not forget: if it’s not in a copper mug, it probably won’t taste like a mule and definitely will not be worth it. You can find the recipe here.

White Christmas Margarita

Who said you can only drink margaritas in the summer? This creamy Christmas margarita has all the looks of a horchata but the benefits of tequila. Even for those off-put by the taste of tequila, the addition of coconut milk is the perfect buffer to differentiate this drink from your average margarita, leaving you stumbling home after dark.

Non-alcoholic Holiday Drinks

You may be asking, “what if don’t drink or I’m a minor? Is my holiday doomed?” Let the flavor of these delicious, non-alcoholic drinks be an escape of their own.

Non-alcoholic Thanksgiving Punch

This drink is perfect for somebody who enjoys the taste of a Moscow Mule but doesn’t want the hangover tomorrow morning. Mix this with pear nectar, and this punch is the perfect refreshing complement to a dry Thanksgiving turkey.

Winter Party Punch

Like a kiddy-cocktail with a Christmas twist, this drink will have adults and children fighting over the punch bowl for more. This holiday punch is vibrant through its colors while also tingling your taste buds along the way. Garnish this Christmas cocktail with some sugar along the rim of the cup or some minty leaves for a fresh taste that will leave you wanting more.


Matthew is a senior in AHS.

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