Clean up your act when it comes to your home

By Molly Zupan, Contributing Writer

The first step to a clean dorm or apartment is admitting you have a problem: There are crumbs in your bed, loose hairs on the floor and layers of dust on every surface that is not submerged in dirty clothes.

A clean and organized living space is probably not the answer to all of your problems, but it may help you with one or two. Without all that chaotic clutter, fights with your roommate will be less frequent and you will be able to find what you need quickly when you wake up late for class.

If you or your roommate are perpetrators of bad cleaning habits, hang in there. Listed below are some tips and tricks to help you keep your place (close to) squeaky clean.

Keep good habits

Dust regularly, because it forms and settles fast. An excessive amount of dust can diminish the quality of the air in your apartment or dorm. Also get in the habit of vacuuming or sweeping weekly. If you leave the floor dirty, the bottoms of your bare feet will be just as disgusting.

Get in the habit of putting things away when you are no longer using them. This includes clothes, dishes, school supplies, etc. Clean up after yourself, especially after a meal or snack. Leftover food or crumbs belong in the trash. Food lying out in the open almost guarantees an eventual bug problem.

If you have a bathroom within your living space, tend to it frequently. Avoid buildup of clutter and grime. Regularly scrub the toilet, shower/bath and sink with a liquid cleaner. Also remember to wash your bed sheets and pillowcases every 10 to 14 days. Bacteria and fungi from your sweat, skin cells and much more collect every time you lay down. Do not let your bed become home to an excessive amount of microscopic life.

If your room is feeling a little stuffy after all of that, open the windows. Let in some fresh air to get rid of odors and create airflow. This will give the apartment or dorm a fresher feel.


Give your belongings a home. Organize your things based on how often you use them and their importance. Store extra supplies and seasonal attire at the back of your closet or underneath your bed. Shop around for storage bins to store items you might not use regularly.

Take extra steps to save yourself from clutter in your living space. Most importantly, keep your desk tidy to avoid losing track of assignments. This will save you time in the long run. You’ll be grateful for your organization, especially when your stress level is at its peak.

Buy cleaning supplies

Keep bleach wipes handy for unexpected spills and messes. They are effective, affordable and convenient. You are going to make many messes and mistakes throughout college. It’s good to be prepared for them.

Buy a broom and dust pan to collect any extra scraps, hair and dirt. Although it may not be super apparent to the naked eye, a clean floor will satisfy your guests, especially your parents.

Spend a few extra bucks on a shoe tray. If you have a lot of shoes like I do, this will help you keep track of all of the pairs. When you come back from a long day of class, put your shoes on the tray to collect the bits of the outdoors that you trek in. This will make it easy to pick them up for class the next day.

Molly is a Sophomore in FAA.

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