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How to make a small room seem bigger

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How to make a small room seem bigger

By Yoav Margalit, Contributing Writer

In between trying to make a dorm feel like home and keeping it organized enough that you can work there, you can quickly lose track of the space you have to work with. Making the end product hold everything you need it to, while still having space to breathe, can be a hassle, so here is some advice to help you out.


There are some simple things to follow that can free up a surprising amount of space. Getting containers to hold items you might not need very often can help without compromising ease of access, and you can save a lot of room when you make an effort to eliminate excess space. Small corners might not have enough room for a chair, but moving furniture so it fits with the walls like a puzzle piece can make all the difference.

For the supplies you only reach for once in a blue moon (like cleaning supplies or laundry detergent), there is a perfect spot: the top shelf of your closet. It might be a pain to reach, but there is no better place in the room to put the infrequently used items, since that’s a lot of space going to waste otherwise.

Think three-dimensionally

Measuring length and width is a good way to make sure every bit of floor space is put to good use, but thinking vertically can really make a difference. If you haven’t already, you can go online to MyHousing to request a loft for your bed. This frees up a lot of space, which can fit your desk, dresser or other furniture.

When that much space is freed, there comes a lot of room for customization. If your roommate is willing, you can use two lofted beds to set up a couch on one side and entertainment on the other. If either of you brought a television or a gaming system to college, this can provide a great opportunity to improve how comfortably you use the space in your dorm.

Thinking three-dimensionally isn’t just limited to looking up, though. There is a lot of unused space below most pieces of furniture. If you’re uncomfortable with a lofted bed, you can try a mid-loft and store any extra belongings underneath it. As long as you take care to make sure that nothing gets crushed or stuck, you can get a lot of clutter out of the way if you put extra supplies at your feet instead of on top of your desk.

Putting it together

Making the most of the space in your dorm isn’t just about using up floor space. It’s about mixing and matching the options you have, and making the most out of the hand you’re dealt. If you organize your efforts and make sure you’re thinking about all of the dimensions of the room when you’re looking to make changes, you’ll quickly find there is a lot more space in that concrete box than you might have first thought.

Yoav is a junior in LAS.

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