Remedies for missing home while in college


Patrick Li

Students board a bus on Friday, Oct. 6 at the Illinois Terminal. Illini Terminal is a frequent place for students to catch a bus to travel home.

By Molly Zupan , Contributing Writer

As someone who is one month away from being 20 years old, I still suffer from homesickness. Yes, my apartment is filled with my own belongings and décor, but the welcoming feelings that are essential to a home are not quite there yet. If you happen to find yourself in my shoes, refer to my advice below. These apartment and dorm remedies will make you feel more at home next time you start missing your family.

Buy some decorations

Spend some extra cash to decorate your room. Print and display your favorite photos or hang up posters, tapestries or string lights to brighten your mood. Turn your room into the ultimate comfort zone.

Make it smell like home

Looking for that certain smell? Take a trip to your local Home Goods, T.J. Maxx or Bed Bath & Beyond, and grab a few of your mom’s favorite candles off the shelf. For those who live in a residence hall on campus, stray away from the flickering flame and use a room spray or mist to add that welcoming fragrance.

See your dog

Animal lovers and pet owners, this one’s for you. Express your dire need to see your pets. I’ve trained my parents to send photos of my dogs.

Spice it up

Give your family member with the best kitchen skills a call. Ask for a recipe or a package if you’re really desperate. Be sure to let them know how much junk food you’ve consumed since the beginning of the semester and that you need a reminder of what a home cooked meal tastes like.

Have a movie night

Watch your favorite feel-good movie and cuddle up with everything soft or fuzzy: socks, blankets and pillows. Make the move to get snacks ahead of time so you will be ready for your relaxation time.

Sing in the shower

We all do it at home, so why not do it here? Belt out the tunes you love. You may even get some compliments, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. However, if you live in a residence hall, or with roommates, be courteous, and save the high notes for later.

Reach out to loved ones

Use your phone for its sole purpose: call your loved ones. They will get a kick out of it and you will feel connected. I call my parents a lot. They love to hear what I’m up to.


Explore Champaign-Urbana. Go beyond the University campus, and find local shops, cafés and events to develop a sense of belonging. Don’t separate yourself from the culture and experiences that are nearby. Be open-minded. You may stumble upon a place that reminds you of home or makes you forget your homesickness.

Plan a visit

Plan a trip to go home. If you have a car, save for gas money. Hitch a ride with a friend from your hometown, or buy a bus, train or plane ticket. This is the most effective and essential homesickness remedy.

Molly is a sophomore in FAA.

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