Follow these tips to best optimize your dorm space


Kenyon Edmond

A student dorm room in Pennsylvania Avenue Residence Hall.

By Sonal Singh, Staff Writer

If you’re a freshman living in the dorms because you have to or a junior living in them because it’s just easier, one major problem I think comes up rather often is space. Somehow, regardless of how little or how much stuff you have, there is just never enough space.

Below are some suggestions you can implement in your room to try to create more space.

Create more physical space

To create more physical space, start with major changes like lofting beds. It is best to have your bed mid-lofted or high-lofted so it gives you more under-the-bed storage. You could also move your desk around to either under your bed if it’s high-lofted or turn it so it’s against the window, giving you more space to place drawers. Additionally, one of the most common ways to create space is to stack your larger electronics, such as a printer, a microwave or a refrigerator.

Another useful tip would be to move one of the given dressers into your closet so it gives you more space in your room and helps you store your clothes better in the closet. Furthermore, try your best to get rid of your old textbooks when possible. They’re bulky and can take up a lot more space than necessary when they’re just lying around. If you can’t get rid of them, just try to dedicate a space for them — preferably on a shelf or inside a drawer.

Store efficiently

Despite creating more space using the above steps, your room will still feel small unless your belongings are stored properly and efficiently. The best way to organize your belongings is to use storage containers, which you can easily stack under your bed. Divide your things into various categories, and place them in medium-sized, labeled containers.

It’s a great idea to invest in an ottoman because of its multiple handy uses. It can be used to sit on when your friends are over or to store some extra miscellaneous items. It will also come in handy when trying to get up to your lofted bed.

Clothing also plays a major role in creating space in your dorm because it is probably what you have most of. Try to fold items so they take up less space, but if that’s not possible, hanging them might work better. In addition, when it comes to clothes, try sectioning them off into summer and winter items, and store your off-season clothes in the back of your closet.

Also, having over-the-door hooks will definitely come in handy, especially during winter with coats and scarves. And instead of getting a shoe box, try getting a shoe rack you can hang inside your closet.

Moreover, if you want to go through the extra effort, invest in a cork board for all the small papers and notices which you would normally find lying just about everywhere.

Implementing some of these ideas should help open your space and give you more room to move around.

Sonal is a freshman in Business.

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