Don’t forget to bring these items to your apartment


Brendyn Jones

Brendyn Jones fills his water bottle from the filtered sink in his kitchen. Water filters are one of several necessary items new students shouldn’t forget.

By JJ Kim, Editor-in-Chief

It’s easy to forget to bring items to your new apartment when you’re focused on what decorations, clothes and food you’re going to bring. When you’re getting ready to pack up and move into a new apartment, don’t forget to bring these often forgotten items. 

First and foremost, don’t forget to bring a trash can and trash bags. I have heard countless stories of people forgetting to bring trash cans to their apartment and having to have trash pile up for a few days, or dirtying a trash can because someone forgot to bring trash bags. Be sure to bring a large trash can, depending on how many people you live with, and a properly sized trash bag that will maximize your trash can. Waste management is often overlooked in our daily lives until someone forgets to take out the trash. 

Second, unless your apartment provides a refrigerator that also has an ice machine, don’t forget to bring ice trays. You’ll want to keep your beverages cool, especially during the hot August days when you first move in. 

If you’re a fan of making eggs or chicken, be sure to pack a few cans of cooking spray so they don’t stick to the pan and you don’t have a sticky situation on your hands. Especially if you don’t want to eat out every day, you’ll be using your stove and pans a lot, and having food stick to pans is a huge pain to wash off. 

Also, in the interest of saving the earth, it is also important to remember to bring Tupperware to your apartment. For those who love meal-planning, bringing snacks with you to work, or just like collecting a mountain of them in your cabinet, Tupperware is an underrated item that people often forget to bring. Besides, I’ve never heard anybody say they have too much Tupperware. 

Next, make sure you have some sort of water filter to bring to your apartment so you have clean water to drink. This is not to say that municipal water isn’t clean, but the faucets in your apartment may not be. So having a water filter such as a Brita filter is a good investment to ensure you drink clean water. 

Finally, don’t forget to bring a mop or a Swiffer to clean your floors. If you have kickbacks or just like to eat standing up, there are bound to be spills that will dirty your floors. The last thing anyone ever wants is a sticky floor; your apartment isn’t The Red Lion or KAM’s. 

JJ is a junior in Media

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