Fulfill shopping cravings at local stores


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Shops line the streets of downtown Champaign. C-U in the Prairibbean will be hosted in downtown Champaign in the parking lot in front of the Orpheum Children’s Science Museum.

By Courtney Boyer, Opinions editor

Campustown and the surrounding downtowns of Champaign and Urbana are full of cute shops that will fulfill all of your shopping cravings. Whether it be clothes, books, knick-knacks or anything in between, there are places not too far off campus that are worth checking out. When you are wondering where to waste time on a Saturday afternoon, or where to go if you need something fast and aren’t sure where to get it, check out this list of shops in the local area that are worth checking out.


Dear ;72

Located in Urbana right near the School of Social Work, this shop is perfectly located for all students who might not have a car but are looking for a cute outfit to wear to an event.  This shop sells cute clothes, earrings, rings, skin care and more. The clothes are stylish and chic and are based on the latest Korean fashion. All of the clothes, jewelry and beauty products are shipped directly from Korea. Just be warned: It tends to be a bit expensive.

Fira Boutique

Right down the street from Dear ;72 is Fira Boutique, another place to go when you are looking to shake your wardrobe up. Fira Boutique specializes in fashion forward and affordable clothing with a personalized shopping experience. The clothes are cute, and the prices are reasonable. It is the perfect place to go when you need a dress for a formal or other event and not that much time to find one.

Apricot Lane

Located right in the middle of all the action on Green Street, this shop is convenient and accessible. Not as mainstream or well-known as Urban Outfitters, it still carries a brand name that people trust. They sell clothes that are casual and fancy all at the same time. They also sometimes have little snack bowls right outside the dressing room to munch on while you are trying on clothes, which is a huge perk.

Urban Outfitters

Probably the most predictable clothing shop to make the list, Urban Outfitters is a well-known brand worldwide. The clothing maintains a hipster style and is often quite cute. The store is huge, with two stories, and you can also find books, records, cameras, perfume and other little treasures that make great birthday presents. Just don’t go overboard, as the prices are usually a little high.


Jane Addams Book Shop

Located in the heart of downtown Champaign, just a few blocks off campus is Jane Addams Book Shop. This shop is much bigger than it appears on the outside and is deep with winding hallways and levels full of books. They sell used books of every genre under the sun, and you can find yourself wandering in and staying for hours.

Other Knick-Knacks

Ten Thousand Villages

A personal favorite shop of mine, Ten Thousand Villages sells little gifts and other cool items and is located in downtown Champaign. This shop sells fair-trade crafts and housewares from Asia, Africa, Latin-America and the Middle East. Ten Thousand Villages is nothing but unique, and shopping in there might make you feel like you are somewhere other than Champaign. Even if you aren’t looking for anything specific, you will want to see what this shop has to offer.

Courtney is a senior in Media. 
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