How to have fun and finish homework too during Moms Weekend

By Joseph Longo, Managing Editor for Reporting

Mid-April isn’t the ideal time of year for Moms Weekend. The spring break letdown has finally sunk in and the end-of-the-year rush is beginning. This means endless projects, homework and tasks to finish. Plus if you’re an upperclassman, add in summer internships or job stress.

However, there’s a way to let loose with your mom while still finishing your to-do list. It’s all about finding the balance. Here are a few things to consider if mom comes to town, but your Statistics 100 exam is on the Tuesday after.

Stay in until Friday

Alright, this one isn’t new or unique to Moms Weekend. Instead of going out Thursday night, stay in and get ahead on all of your work. It’s likely you’ll be going out all weekend anyway, so one night might be just the right move.

The extra perk: You won’t be as tired all weekend. Even if you don’t have a ton of homework, one night of rest could equal several nights of fun, festive, motherly bonding.

Make it “take your mom to work day”

There’s something sweet about spending Saturday at a coffee shop while both you and your mom work. It’s a chance for you to show her around campus, while still keeping up the image that you’re spending enough time studying.

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    The extra perk: You’ll likely get free drinks and food. There really isn’t a much better way to study than with a free drink from your mom. Just make sure to pay her back with great grades.

    Get up early or stay up late

    If you know there’s just not much free time during the weekend, work in the off-hours. There’s a truth to being most productive when there are no distractions. Brew yourself a cup of coffee, make breakfast — or dessert if it’s late at night — and put in just a bit of work.

    The extra perk: Your mom will be impressed. If she sees you studying before she’s up or after she goes to bed, you’ll gain more respect. She’ll actually see just how hard you’re working.

    If all else fails, forget about homework for once

    For many, this might be the only week their mom comes to visit. Homework is always going to be there. So make it a “staycation.” Ditch the work for a few hours and go explore campus and the Champaign-Urbana area with your mom. You always end up getting your work done anyway. Trust yourself and take a much-needed break.

    The extra perk: Your mom knows you work hard. She get’s it. After all, she likely was in your situation once. Whether you spend time working together or partying together, she’ll appreciate that you kept her involved.

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