Taking your mom to the bars?


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Joe’s Brewery is a popular Mom’s Weekend destination for both relaxing in the afternoon and partying at night.

By Natasha Mosquera, Staff writer

As Moms Weekend approaches, the campus community is ready to spend time with families.

The weekend is sure to be a promising one with the awesome activities the University has planned; however, the fun won’t last until 2 a.m. So what do you do to keep your mom entertained late at night? The answer is simple: Take her out to the bars.

Whether or not students should take their moms to the bars seems to be a common question when deciding how to spend the weekend. As much as sons and daughters hate to admit it, they know in the back of their minds they’re secretly upset they can’t go out whenever mom is in town. Nonsense. If you’re anything like your mom, embrace it. In the back of her mind, she might be secretly hoping you invite her out. She was young once too.

Taking your mom out to the bars is the perfect way to reveal your mom’s wild side. You might be surprised at how fast she can chug a beer, how easily she can take a shot of tequila or how crazy her dance moves are. Moms of all ages deserve to have some fun every once in a while.

Campus offers a variety of other bars to choose from. If your mom is more of a social drinker and just wants to sit down and enjoy a drink with you, then Legends or Murphy’s is the way to go. But if your mom truly is the party type, then take her to The Red Lion or Joe’s. Even if she doesn’t like to consume alcoholic beverages, bars may still make your list of things to do.

Consider heading to happy hour. You both can enjoy a nice conversation over delicious appetizers in a nice atmosphere. So regardless of whether you and your mom are looking for a place to chill or a place to party, there is sure to be a bar on campus that can satisfy what you’re looking for. Whether this is your first Moms Weekend or your last, be sure to make the most of it. At the end of the day, it’s all about your mom.

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