Moms Weekend: out-of-state student style

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Moms Weekend: out-of-state student style

Mariel Elopre

Mariel Elopre

Mariel Elopre

By Julie Kang, Staff Writer

Students from states other than Illinois often experience campus differently than those who are close to home. Traveling back home is less of an option, so special weekends, such as Moms Weekend, can be a highlight of the academic year. 

Although some moms can make the journey to campus, others cannot, which can leave some out-of-state students feeling out of place.

Last spring, Valeria Loo-Kung, sophomore in FAA, helped emcee a banquet that the Latina Student Association held during Moms Weekend.

As a member of the executive board, she coordinated the event with her team and had a chance to meet many of her friends’ moms. Loo-Kung is planning on spending this upcoming Moms Weekend with her roommate and her roommate’s mom. 

Loo-Kung is from Bethesda, Maryland. She shared that her relationship with her mom strengthened since she came to college and described it as a more “adult-like friendship” than before.

Her mom always gives her advice, despite the distance, on how to deal with different people, how to be considerate of others and how to be a better person.

Loo-Kung has made many friends from different states. With this shared background, they spend a lot of time together, exploring and making C-U a home of their own.

“We cope with it together. Since we don’t have a home here in Illinois, we try to make the University our home,” Loo-Kung said.

Justin Ngai, freshman in LAS from San Jose, California, said that he won’t be attending events during the weekend-long celebration because his mom can’t travel.

However, he feels Moms Weekend is a good way for students to take a break from school and show their love and to support for their moms.

“Most of the time, going to college is a student’s first time away from home for a long time, so for their mom to come means a lot,” Ngai said.

Since college began, Ngai’s mom has grown confident in him. In return, he has been doing his best to be respectful and to strengthen their relationship. He shared that going to school in a different state helped him become more independent. 

“The reality that I’m far away from home forces me to take responsibility of things that I’ve taken for granted at home,” Ngai said.

Cassidy Daigle, freshman in FAA, is spending her first Moms Weekend at the University with her mom, who will be traveling 1,185 miles from Conway, New Hampshire.

Like Ngai and Loo-Kung, Daigle feels she has grown much closer with her mom since she’s gone to college.

“We talk every day. I also find myself asking her for advice now more than I did when I was home,” Daigle said. “When I go home for break, it’s even more special because we haven’t seen each other in such a long time.”

Daigle and her mom are planning on attending brunch at her sorority, Phi Sigma Sigma, and Atius on the Saturday of Moms Weekend.

Daigle expressed the weekend is important because it gives out-of-state students a chance to see their moms and introduce them to their college experience.

The out-of-state students have some messages they would like to share with their moms:

“I am who I am because of the person you helped me become, and I want to thank you for that,” Loo-Kung said. “Because of you, I’m a better student and friend and person.”

“Thank you for everything,” Ngai said.

“I love and miss you, and I appreciate everything you have done to get me to where I am today,” Daigle said.

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