Where to find action: Check out these spots upon arriving to campus


Cameron Krasucki

Three students walk outside of Ikenberry Commons on Aug. 20. There are multiple spots on campus that are easily enjoyed by new students.

Welcome new student! When you first arrive on campus, you might feel a little lost, as everyone once was. Worry not! Here’s a short guide to help point out some spots that you might find “actions” among fellow first-year students.

First of all, depending on your dorm, you might be able to find people hanging out and having fun by playing board games within the dorm grounds in the first few nights after you arrive. Some examples are dorms in the Six Pack and certain private dorms, such as Bromley, and I’m sure you can easily find a comprehensive list on Reddit for this.

Secondly, people are going to cluster around the courtyard near Ikenberry Commons and the Groove for some gatherings, usually accompanied by some spikeball games and the like. If you skate or longboard, you might also find people skating down random hills, parking lots and staircases close to your dorm. These are all situations where you can easily make acquaintances or even friends. Exchange Snapchats with the people you like, and you might hang out for a second time.

Thirdly, you can grab your basketball or tennis gear and perhaps make new friends through a game or match on the court. You may also meet new people through working out or rock climbing at the gym!

Lastly, you can get a little adventurous and go to the Frat Park. It’s called the Washington Park on the map, and there are usually a lot of events in the first few weeks due to rushing, the process in which the fraternities and sororities recruit their new pledges.

In conclusion, if you feel nervous about meeting new people, you’re undoubtedly not the only one with those feelings. Just relax, be yourself and go out!

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