Quad Day opportunities aren’t just for new students


Kenyon Edmond

A student signs her name and email on a signup sheet for Alpha Omega Epsilon, a professional sorority, during Quad Day on Aug. 26

By Kayla Brown, Assistant buzz editor

Freshman year is overwhelming. Students may have a hard time fitting in every single activity and event they hoped to try and accomplish once they get to campus. As time passes, though, it becomes easier to balance priorities and figure out what things you enjoy and what you don’t. That being said, it’s never too late to try something new.

If you find yourself entering your sophomore, junior or even senior year with more time and a desire to change things up a bit, you can still join any of the clubs and RSOs the University has to offer. While Quad Day seems to be geared toward freshman looking to find their niche on campus, nearly every RSO allows students from any class to join each year.

Join an RSO

Some great RSOs to join later in your college career are academic and pre-professional clubs that can help you prepare for life after graduation. As you delve into your major and begin looking for ways to expand your resume and experience, clubs and academic fraternities related to your major are a huge help. You’ll be surrounded by people with goals similar to yours and have abundant resources at your fingertips.

Volunteer locally and internationally

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    If you’re looking to volunteer more in the C-U community in your upcoming years, there are a ton of great service-based RSOs on campus. There are opportunities to volunteer on campus, in hospitals and even in other countries.

    Get involved in Greek life

    It’s also never too late to rush a sorority or fraternity. Greek life is not for everyone, and you might have come to college thinking it wasn’t for you, but it’s more than OK to change your mind beyond your freshman year. Many houses on campus will recruit students from any grade, so don’t miss your chance to make a ton of lifelong friends and see what Greek life has to offer.

    The opportunities at the University are endless, and no matter if you’re a freshman or a senior, you can take advantage of any of those opportunities at any time. Don’t be discouraged if you didn’t find your “thing” the first time around. Head back to Quad Day this year and find something new.

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