See what prominent UI officials make annually

By Megan Jones, Staff Writer

University President

President Timothy Killeen: $600,000

  • Eligible for annual incentive-based compensation of $100,000, which he received this year

Former President Robert Easter: $478,558

UIUC Chancellor

Former Chancellor Phyllis Wise: $549,069

Interim Chancellor Barbara Wilson: $397,500

  • Now earns $450,000 as Executive Vice President and Vice President for Academic Affairs

Chancellor Robert Jones: $649,000

  • Faculty member for department of Crop Sciences: $225,000 a year
  • Administrative position as chancellor: $424,000

UIUC Provost

Interim Provost Edward Feser: $330,500

  • $270,500 annual salary
  • Administrative increment of $60,000

Former Provost Ilesanmi Adesida: $460,416


Former head coach Tim Beckman: $1,800,000

Former head football coach Bill Cubit: $915,000

Head football coach Lovie Smith: $2,000,000

  • Could earn up to $8 million in bonuses over six years
  • Will earn $21 million over 6 years

College of Medicine Dean

Dr. King Li: $650,000

  • Fifty-one percent of his salary is paid by the University and 49 percent is paid by Carle Foundation.
  • None of his salary is paid for by state funding.

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