University of Illinois colleges ranked by total salary

By Karen Liu , News Editor

The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign campus has a total of 16 colleges, including 15 undergraduate colleges and one graduate college. During the 2017-18 school year, the campus spent a total of $495,993,420 on faculty salary.

Here is the total salary of each college on campus, ranked from highest to lowest:

No. 1 College of Liberal Arts and Sciences: $120,589,563

LAS has more than 70 majors and more than 14,490 students, and the faculty in the college accounts for one-third of all faculty on campus.

No. 2 College of Engineering: $116,618,682

College of Engineering contains 12 departments and over 400 faculty members.

No. 3 College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences: $78,743,219.30

ACES offers 11 different majors and has more than 3,000 students.

No. 4 Gies College of Business: $44,996,510.20

Gies College of Business has programs in accountancy, business administration and finance. The college contains around 3,100 undergraduate students and 1,100 graduate students.

No. 5 College of Fine + Applied Arts: $28,040,830.70

FAA has programs in the schools of Architecture, Art + Design, Dance, Landscape Architecture, Music, Theater and Urban + Regional Planning.

No. 6 College of Veterinary Medicine: $24,790,594.10

College of Veterinary Medicine consists of three academic departments: Comparative Biosciences, Pathobiology and Veterinary Clinical Medicine.

No. 7 College of Education: $15,344,026.90

College of Education currently has a 122 faculty members listed.

No. 8 College of Applied Health Science: $13,805,400.70

AHS consists of four departments: Kinesiology & Community Health, Speech & Hearing Sciences, Recreational Sports & Tourism and I-Health.

No. 9 College of Law: $12,906,696.30

College of Law has 57 full-time faculty members and 71 part-time faculty members as of Fall 2017. The there are also 525 students enrolled in the college as of October 5, 2017.

No. 10 School of Social Work: $12,680,784.20

School of Social Work offers three degree programs: Bachelor, Master and Doctoral.

No. 11 College of Media: $8,502,802.80

College of Media consists of Advertising, Computer Science + Advertising, Journalism and Media and Cinema Studies.

No. 12 School of Information Sciences: $7,317,401.12

School of Information Sciences consists of seven degrees and programs, as well as a minor in Informatics.

No. 13 School of Labor and Employment Relations: $4,092,547.70

LER‘s Master Program has 148 students enrolled for the Spring 2017 Master’s Program, and the doctoral program typically has 12 to 15 student.

No. 14 Carle Illinois School of Medicine: $3,968,389.88

Carle Illinois School of Medicine welcomed its first class of 32 students in Fall 2018.

No. 15 Graduate College: $2,337,711.36

Graduate College consists of more than 100 disciplinary areas.

No. 16 Division of General Studies: $1,258,259.39

DGS enrolls over 1,700 students each fall and has 16 professional staff members.

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