College of Medicine ranks first among University dean salaries in 2020

By Elizabeth Sayasane, Features Editor

Dean King C. Li, College of Medicine: $686,500

Dean Jeffrey R. Brown, College of Business: $561,875

Dean Rashid Bashir, College of Engineering: $426,000

 Dean Eunice E. Santos, School of Information Sciences: $414,167

Dean Vikram D. Amar, College of Law: $393,760

Dean Peter D. Constable, College of Veterinary Medicine: $325,500

Dean Kimberlee K Kidwell,  College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences: $322,200

Dean Wojciech Chodzko-Zajko, Graduate College: $320,527

Dean James D. Anderson, College of Education: $319,633.33

Dean Fritz Drasgow, School of Labor and Employment Relations: $290,600

Dean Cheryl D. Hanley-Maxwell, College of Applied Health Sciences: $280,500

Dean Steven G. Anderson, School of Social Work: $276,000

Dean Tracy E. Sulkin, College of Media: $247,500

Dean Kevin Hamilton, College of Fine & Applied Arts: $220,000

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