Look out for engineering RSOs this semester


Kenyon Edmond

Students learn about different RSOs and organizations to join during Quad Day on Aug. 26, 2018.

By Rohit Jammu, Assistant Features Editor

The fall semester of each school year at the University is always filled with excitement and bustling energy. For freshmen moving into their new dorm rooms, getting accustomed to various dining hall timings is a new challenge. For sophomores, juniors and seniors, it’s the rush of moving into new apartments, getting groceries to get started off for the semester and so much more.

One of the first large-scale events for incoming freshmen to experience is Quad Day. As COVID-19 has affected everything else in our lives, though, Quad Day has been moved to a virtual platform. For Quad Day, several registered student organizations (RSOs) will share with anyone they can what their organizations offer. If you can think of it, there is probably an RSO for it, from creative writing, molecular and cellular biology and all the way up to squirrel watching on the Main Quad. As an engineering major myself, I found it hard to navigate through all the various options of engineering-centered RSOs. So, here are some engineering centered-RSOs that I familiarized myself with.

Engineering Open house

Engineering Open House is a student-organized yearly event that features two whole days of competitions and exhibits to showcase the talent of various engineering students. EOH brings students, faculty and even corporate sponsors together to feature what is arguably the largest event of its kind in the country to showcase staggering innovation.

Society of Engineering Mechanics

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    While the Society for Engineering Mechanics is an organization that primarily supports engineering mechanics as a major, they are open to students from different engineering majors as well. SEM offers students hands-on experience in developing various fun projects with other students within the organization, as well as some face to face experience from different faculty members in the University.

    Women in Electrical and Computer Engineering

    WECE was founded in 2002 to promote, support and inspire women in electrical and computer engineering. The organization itself serves as a source of support for its members on social, technical, and professional fronts. The WECE has seven different committees, each with their own head, so you’re guaranteed to find a place of support. WECE also hosts a number of social events such as the Fall Banquet and Spring Semi-Formal.

    Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engineers

    IEEE is an organization focused on the propagation of theoretical and practical aspects of electrical, electronics, communications and computer engineering. IEEE serves as a means for students to further their professional and educational development. IEEE is also open to students of all majors. They help with recruitment activities, setting up tech talks, info sessions and much more. IEEE is a great place for students to receive resume feedback as well.

    Engineers without Borders, University of Illinois Chapter

    Engineers without borders is an international organization with over 12,000 members with 450 projects in 45 different countries. The Illinois chapter of Engineers without Borders is one of the largest student chapters in the country. EWB is committed to helping communities to meet their basic human needs. The University’s chapter of EWB has three main international project locations in Ecuador, Guatemala and Malawi, with over 150 active members. Although engineering is a significant and dominating aspect, you don’t have to be an engineer to contribute.

    These are just a few of the engineering RSOs that intrigued me. Although there won’t be a Quad Day this year, the virtual event substitute is bound to be amazing. And beyond Quad Day, you can always look up all the organizations on the international student and scholar services website.

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