Column: The biggest loser

By Jon Gluskin

As if there ever was any doubt, this week sealed it – Drew Rosenhaus, the infamous agent for Terrell Owens, is officially the poster-child for everything that is wrong in sports.

The dynamic duo never ceases to amaze us. After every altercation, you say to yourself, “Alright, this has to be the last time they pull this crap.”

All we heard about this past off-season was T.O. this, T.O. that, blah, blah, blah.

He held out because he was underpaid. He questioned quarterback Donovan McNabb’s will during the Super Bowl. And all the while Rosenhaus was pleading why Owens was a good guy and deserved more money.

And now, just months later, Dumb and Dumber are at it again. And it’s a complete and utter shame.

On Tuesday, the top story in sports should have been about Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts. Not only did Manning get rid of the monkey that had been on his back for years, he demolished it.

Manning led the Colts to a dominant 40-21 victory over the New England Patriots, upping their record to 8-0, and quieted any critics who didn’t think the Colts were the best team in the NFL.

But no, this story had to take a back seat to what was taking place outside of Owens’ mansion.

Because on Tuesday, Owens and Rosenhaus decided to hold a press conference to comment on his suspension for the rest of the year.

Owens seemed genuine and sincere in his apologies to the Eagles, head coach Andy Reid, McNabb and all of the fans for his comments that were detrimental to the team. He said it wouldn’t happen again and that he wanted to come back this year.

Overall, it was a legit, albeit necessary statement.

And then Rosenhaus killed any good that could have come from Owens’ words.

How anyone could actually trust this man to be his agent is beyond me.

Rosenhaus is a complete moron. Everything he said in his statement confirmed it. He tried to prove Owens’ innocence by saying he didn’t commit a crime, so we should forgive him.

He pointed a finger at the media for “vilifying” Owens.

When the media tried to respond to Rosenhaus’ words, he starting shouting – desperate to prove his point. He even said he loves Owens. I think it’s more that he loves Owens’ money.

Nonetheless, in a picture-perfect moment after Rosenhaus was done speaking, the happy couple walked back to Owens’ house – and Rosenhaus put his arm on T.O.’s back – showing just how much he loves his client.

There are a lot of losers in this whole conundrum, but none are bigger than Rosenhaus.

Maybe this was a wake-up call for Owens. He’s still one of the most talented receivers in the game, and no team in their right mind would say they wouldn’t love having T.O. as a football player on their team.

Owens loves playing the game of football and it must kill him to have to watch it on TV on Sundays. Maybe now he knows he must change.

But Rosenhaus won’t change – he’ll always be the scumbag that he is, trying to manipulate his clients to get more money.

What Owens needs to do is divorce Rosenhaus. If T.O.’s really going to have an image makeover, there could be no bigger statement than getting rid of his overpaid, conniving agent.

Maybe other players would even follow Owens’ lead and dump Rosenhaus.

Maybe they too would realize there’s no place in sports for him.

Jon Gluskin is a senior in Communications. He can be reached at [email protected]