Column: Bowling Over

By Ian Gold

My lips are chapped and it’s not because of the blistery wind. It’s because I spent all of the fall spitting fire in the Touchdown Times, and I’m not ready to give up my power of prediction. The BCS finally got it right, or got lucky. Either way I’m excited for the bowl season. Nobody can moan about how they got screwed, instead just show me with the pads on.

Here is every bowl that I consider print-worthy, and a little blurb for your water-cooler enjoyment.

Chick-Fil-A Peach Bowl Dec. 30 7:30 p.m.

Miami vs. LSU

These are two teams that haven’t gotten experience playing a bowl game in December for quite some time. But to rally around the quality of opponent is expected for both teams. The question is what team is going to show up for both squads. I’m taking the U, Greg Olsen told me to. Hurricanes +4.

AT&T; Cotton Bowl

Jan. 2 11 a.m.

Texas Tech vs. Alabama

Pretty early on, the Crimson Tide should prove just how futile every Big XII team will serve, besides for Texas. Texas Tech can put up points against Baylor, try on Bama’s fast and aggressive defense. Goodnight Red Raiders. Tide +15.

Outback Bowl

Jan. 2 11 a.m

Iowa vs. Florida

This is one of the most intriguing matchups not highlighted by the BCS. Both teams finished strong and are packed with talent. This is a tough one to call so I’ll go with coaching. Urban Meyer is an offensive prodigy, but doesn’t quite have the players in the right positions; Kirk Ferentz has a great record late, and will have his Hawkeye team ready. Hawkeyes +4.

Toyota Gator Bowl

Jan 2. 12:30p.m.

Louisville vs. Virginia Tech

Both of these teams had national title hopes and chances. Both squandered them and choked in their respective biggest games of the year. Louisville’s quarterback stud is on injured reserve and that’s all the help I need. Virginia Tech’s defense is too fast and complicated for a new QB to contend against. Hokies +10.

Capital One Bowl

Jan. 2 1 p.m.

Wisconsin vs. Auburn

As sure as the sun will rise tomorrow I am sure that Auburn is going to pound Wisconsin. Barry Alvarez will be coaching his last game and might as well turn the reigns over at halftime. Auburn is the best team in the SEC and is as hot as any team in the country. Tigers +26.

Tostitos Fiesta Bowl

Jan. 2 4:30p.m.

Notre Dame vs. Ohio State

At the beginning of the year I was wrong about Notre Dame. I was wrong about the impact of Charlie Weis, and I was wrong about Brady Quinn. So Irish fans all over rejoice, Ohio State is too strong. Notre Dame relies heavily on their athletes on offense, to which the Buckeyes counter with better more experienced ones on defense. Buckeyes +6.

Nokia Sugar Bowl

Jan. 2 8:30 p.m.

West Virginia vs. Georgia

The Sugar Bowl is in Atlanta, like Georgia needed help to beat the garbage Big East representatives. West Virginia undeservingly backed in; in a conference that allowed Rutgers to find a bowl bid you have no chance against the Bulldogs who just ran away with the SEC Championship. Bulldogs +27.

FedEx Orange Bowl

Jan. 3 8 p.m.

Penn State vs. Florida State

A battle between two of the most storied coaches in college football history. One has won the most bowl games in college football history and the other spells doom for his team as soon as he actually starts coaching. I will thoroughly enjoy watching Penn State apply an old school whoopin’ on Bobby Bowden and his band of criminals. Nittany Lions +13.

Rose Bowl

Jan. 4 8 p.m.

Texas vs. USC

Undisputed No. 1 against undisputed No. 2, it’s a day I never thought would come. But here we are, Jan. 4 will be on my mind until this titanic matchup. Both teams have been playing games with the lesser human beings around the nation. It’s finally time to size up and go at it. Vince Young is a fantastic leader and has to be to bring a Mack Brown team to the championship. But I believe insuring Matt Leinarts’ left arm for multi-millions is a good investment, and I have changed my religion to Bushism because Reggie can’t be human. Trojans +8.

Ian Gold is a senior in Communications. He can be reached at [email protected]