Ask James

Hey James!

Being a fan of yours since you came to the U of I, I have always wondered about your hair. Sometimes you let it grow, sometimes you shave it, your choices in hairstyle are very unpredictable. I prefer the no hair look, but what I’m wondering is, do you have a specific pattern or is there something that motivates you to do one or the other?

Jenna Suttle

Sophomore in LAS

Jenna: It’s pretty much just if I’m lazy or not, if I feel like cutting it or not. Sometimes I feel like I’m going to grow it out and sometimes I feel like shaving it.

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    It also depends how I play; if I’m not playing well with the shaved head I’m pretty superstitious and I’ll keep it that way. Sunday I seemed to play pretty well and it’s somewhere in between.



    My friends and I always have a good laugh when we see that you have your mouthpiece on your ear. Why do you do that and how does it taste afterwards?

    Candice Miller

    Senior at Tri-Point High School

    Candice: You can’t really taste it, you’ve got cotton mouth and everything like that anyway. The reason I do it is because there’s no other place to put it.

    I don’t feel like having that nasty stuff on my hand, and the other place I could put it is on my spandex around my leg. The next cleanest place is around my ear, and it works out pretty easy.


    Hey James,

    What do you do to get psyched up before a game?

    Candice Miller

    Senior at Tri-Point High School

    Candice: I don’t do anything to get psyched. That’s some people’s style, to get psyched before a game, but I just listen to music and try to get focused on what I’ve got to do to play well. Usually I’ll listen to some rock music, Fallout Boy, maybe Dave or O.A.R. just to chill out a little bit. Very rarely do I listen to rap, but sometimes.

    James Augustine is a senior forward on the Illinois basketball team. Each week James will answer fan questions, and we’ll run those answers in the Daily Illini.

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