Mountaineers past last season’s upset

By Mike Cranston

OONE, N.C. – As a member of Appalachian State’s staff drove a cart onto the practice field, it was hard to miss the large block letters adorning its side: ASU 34, Michigan 32.

But you won’t find any of the players still celebrating. When the cart drives past, no one stops to glance at the score that changed their lives.

Appalachian State opens the season Aug. 30 at No. 7 LSU in a nationally televised matchup of the defending national champions from college football’s top two divisions. Appalachian State has a quarterback Armanti Edwards the school is plugging as a Heisman Trophy contender.

“They always bring up Michigan. It kind of gets annoying,” said Edwards, who accounted for 38 touchdowns last season. “We didn’t win a ring.”

The Mountaineers have won 36 of their last 40 games, averaged 42.7 points last season and are the overwhelming favorites to win a fourth straight national title. To make matters worse for Southern Conference coaches, Moore believes the junior is figuring things out faster.

“Armanti right now is seeing so many more things down the field than he did a year ago,” Moore said.

The recent success has brought in scores of top recruits, including true freshman DeAndre Presley, but the season will revolve around the dynamic Edwards, whose athleticism and speed give the Mountaineers a chance in any game..

“Probably a lot of the big schools are tired of hearing about Michigan and Appalachian State,” Moore said. “In my mind, I think probably LSU is one of those schools. I think we’ll have to play as close to our peak as we can for an opening ballgame