Frazier has hand surgery; Weber optimistic he will return for NCAA Tournament

Chester Frazier underwent minor surgery on Thursday to treat a hand injury suffered during a Wednesday practice session. Illinois Coach Bruce Weber would not go into further details about the injury when asked if it was a fracture, saying that Frazier did not want the information released.

“The doctor, he just felt to keep it stable that he had to do the surgery to make sure it stayed in place,” Weber said. “He just thought that was the best way to get him back.”

When Frazier injured the hand, junior Dominique Keller said the senior guard was contesting him for a rebound. Keller jumped over Frazier and grabbed the rebound. As Frazier tried to strip the ball from Keller, his hand hit Keller’s hamstring.

Keller said he heard a “little pop” before Frazier went to the ground. The senior was taken into the training room where he was treated.

“It’s unfortunate because if I would have known that was going to happen I would have just jumped out the way or something,” Keller said. “It was one of those things that just happened. It wasn’t no one’s fault.”

Though the severity of the injury has not been released, Weber said the team is optimistic that Frazier will return next week for the NCAA Tournament.

“If anybody can play next week, Chester can play,” Weber said. “We anticipate that happening.”