Trustees extend Ron Zook’s contract one year

The University of Illinois Board of Trustees voted Thursday to extend football coach Ron Zook’s contract one more year, through January 31, 2014.

According to documents provided by the Board of Trustees, Zook’s original contract, approved in January 2005, appointed him Head Varsity Coach-Football until January 21, 2010. Subsequent amendments extended the contract to 2013.

Zook’s salary, slightly over $1.5 million each year, is not being changed at this time, according to the documents outlining the Board’s agenda. No State funds will be allocated to enhance Zook’s contract.

Zook said in a news release he appreciated the confidence the university is showing in him.

His last raise was in January 2008. That followed the Illini’s surprise trip to the Rose Bowl and a 9-4 season.

The team went 5-7 last season and did not play in a bowl game.

The Associated Press contributed to this report