Daily Illini Writers’ Picks




Minnesota 31, Illinois 24

Who cares if we lose to Minnesota? Anytime you beat Michigan and don’t lose to Iowa, it’s a great season. – Cody Westerlund

Illinois 21, Minnesota 21

Why not? – Anthony Zilis

Illinois 31, Minnesota 20

UI has lost nearly every game I picked as a W in the preseason, and I picked them to lose to the Gophers … – Peter Zervakis

Minnesota 27, Illinois 24

Should have gone with my heart last week, but Minnesota’s offense looked ridiculous against Michigan State. – Jay Lee



No. 4 Iowa

Iowa 23, Northwestern 22

Knowing the Hawkeyes, they’ll rally with two touchdowns in the final minute for the win. – Cody Westerlund

Iowa 28, Northwestern 27

Iowa goes down 27-10 and makes a somewhat miraculous comeback.

– Anthony Zilis

Iowa 28, Northwestern 17

Iowa will stumble at some point this year, before getting throttled in Pasadena. But it won’t be against the Wildcats. – Peter Zervakis

Iowa 17, Northwestern 10

Iowa is a 16.5-point favorite­— a little ridiculous for a team that really should be 4-5 right now. – Jay Lee

No. 9 LSU


No. 3 Alabama

‘Bama 31, LSU 10

Just read an article about LSU struggling to run the ball. Not a good sign when Jordan Jefferson is your QB. – Cody Westerlund

Alabama 24, LSU 10

Who plays quarterback for LSU? Yeah, I didn’t think you would know. – Anthony Zilis

Alabama 35, LSU 13

The ’Bama defense sets a new record for sacks in a game against LSU’s Jordan Jefferson. – Peter Zervakis

Alabama 21, LSU 17

You know what I haven’t had in a while? Big League Chew. – Jay Lee

No. 16 Ohio St.


No. 11 Penn St.

Penn St. 17, Ole Miss 25

And Terrelle Pryor reconsiders why he should have maybe gone to Penn St. – Cody Westerlund

Penn St. 17, Ohio St. 14

Maybe Terrelle should’ve gotten advice from Kobe instead of LeBron … just a thought. – Anthony Zilis

Penn St. 28, Ohio St. 24

“Overrated” State will drop its third game of the season and Buckeye fans will once again be calling for Pryor’s head. – Peter Zervakis

Ohio St. 17, Penn St. 13

The real question is which of these schools has the more ridiculous mascot. – Jay Lee



North Carolina

Duke 27 , UNC 24

No, this isn’t a basketball game. Yes, I just picked Duke. No, I don’t know why. – Cody Westerlund

North Carolina 31, Duke 17

Obligitory basketball reference. – Anthony Zilis

North Carolina 37, Duke 12

Duke is decent, but UNC’s defense is on another level. This one’s not even close. – Peter Zervakis

Duke 21, North Carolina 14

The fact that Duke will be bowl-bound while the Illini most likely aren’t makes me want to cry myself to sleep. – Jay Lee