OUR PREDICTIONS: Picks for week 4

h2. Western Michigan at No. 24 Illinois

*Souligne (11-4)*

_Illinois 35, WMU 10_

The Illini haven’t started 4-0 since 1951, the last time they won a national championship.

*Turkin (9-6)*

_Illinois 42, WMU 9_

I don’t see this being a Ford Field replay.

*Voit (10-5)*

_Illinois 30, WMU 17_

The Broncos sport a few highly touted transfers in former Michigan OT Dann O’Neill and one-time Miami Hurricanes safety Doug Wiggins.

*Asofsky (7-8)*

Illinois 31, WVU 10

Remember when this defense was supposed to finish last in the Big Ten?

h2. No. 2 LSU at No. 16 West Virginia


_LSU 24, WVU 13_

I’ve been to both Louisiana and West Virginia. Louisiana was better.


LSU 27, WVU 21

Is this a preview for a yearly conference showdown for West Va? The SEC is for the big boys.


LSU 26, WVU 21

LSU has allowed a staggering 47.7 rushing yards a game this season against a tough nonconference slate.


_LSU 24, WVU 10_

Beating Oregon, Mississippi and West Virginia to open the season 4-0 — TLU. Total Les Move.

h2. No. 14 Arkansas at No. 3 Alabama


_Arkansas 17, Alabama 14_

Am I the only one who doesn’t like Nick Saban?


_Alabama 21, Arkansas 14_

Yes Joe, you’re in the minority. Most people, including this guy like Nick Saban (at least as a college coach).


Alabama 28, Arkansas 17

Alabama LB Courtney Upshaw is having another standout year with 4.5 tackles for loss. The defense gets it done yet again.


_Alabama 20, Arkansas 17_

Roll tide.

h2. No. 7 Oklahoma State at No. 8 Texas A&M


_OK State 28, Texas A&M 20_

Only two wide receivers have ever won the Heisman Trophy, but Justin Blackmon just might make that three this season.


_OK State 30, Texas A&M 20_

Two words: Justin Blackmon


OK State 32, Texas A&M 30

The Cowboys withstood the nation’s strangest test last week when they took down Tulsa in a weather-challenged game that began after midnight.


_OK State 28, Texas A&M 24_

Justin Blackmon only had 57 yards against Tulsa. Expect at least double that this week.

h2. No. 11 Florida State at No. 21 Clemson


_FSU 23, Clemson 16_

I’m giving FSU one last chance before I swear them off forever.


_FSU 27, Clemson 14_

Don’t make me regret this Jimbo Fisher.


FSU 21, Clemson 18

Judging by his passionate postgame interview last week after knocking off Auburn, Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney may install a few packages for himself.


_Clemson 17, FSU 14_

Florida State traveling into Death Valley after a big Clemson win over Auburn. Tigers have the momentum.