NFL Week 5: power rankings

*1. Green Bay (4-0) Last week: no change*

The defending champs keep rolling and look unstoppable this season.

*2. New England (3-1) LW: no change*

Big game against the Jets this week. Tom Brady will pass the ball … a lot.

*3. Detroit (4-0) LW: 4*

Calvin Johnson wanted to inform the NFL that he is the best wide receiver. “He did that”: against the Cowboys.

*4. New Orleans (3-1) LW: 3*

The Saints are playing great and play Carolina and Indianapolis in two of their next three games.

*5. Baltimore (3-1) LW: no change*

Aside from a loss to the Titans, the Ravens have been dominant this year.

*6. San Diego (3-1) LW: 10*

Someone has to win the AFC West, and it probably won’t be the Broncos or Chiefs.

*7. Buffalo (3-1) LW: 6*

The Eagles will be a good test to see if the Bills are for real this weekend.

*8. Houston (3-1) LW: 7*

Losing Andre Johnson for a few weeks will hurt, but the Texans are the best team in the AFC South.

*9. Oakland (2-2) LW: 8*

Darren McFadden will continue to convert nonbelievers.

*10. NY Jets (2-2) LW: 9*

This pick is entirely based on potential and because Rex Ryan is a “great coach”:

*11. NY Giants (3-1) LW: 13*

Despite the Giants’ injury woes, Eli has done an excellent job being a Manning so far this season.

*12. Chicago (2-2) LW: 11*

The next two weeks will be huge for the Bears, as they play the Lions and Vikings.

*13. Tampa Bay (3-1) LW 17*

The Bucs have looked good this season, but they have played the Vikings, Colts and Falcons.

*14. Philadelphia (1-3) LW: 14*

The Eagles rely on a lot of young talent and will continue to improve as the season goes on.

*15. Pittsburgh (2-2) LW: 12*

The Steelers have struggled this season, but could be deadly if the defense starts playing better.

*16. Dallas (2-2) LW: 15*

Unfortunately for the Cowboys, Tony Romo is a much better fantasy quarterback than a real quarterback.

*17. San Francisco (3-1) LW: 18*

The 49ers might be the only team in the NFC West to finish above .500 this year.

*18. Washington (3-1) LW: 16*

Redskins fans should enjoy Grossman’s success while they’re still in first place.

*19. Tennessee (3-1) LW: 20*

Chris Johnson, if you’re reading this, step your game up. You’re killing my fantasy team.

*20. Atlanta (2-2) LW: 21*

The Falcons face a tough matchup in the Packers this weekend before their bye week.

*21. Cincinnati (2-2) LW: 22*

The Bengals have are considering Clinton Portis and Larry Johnson as possible replacements for Cedric Benson — if he ever serves his three-game suspension from being arrested this offseason.

*22. Cleveland (2-2) LW: 19*

Peyton Hillis hasn’t really been affected by the Madden curse as much as the curse of playing for the Cleveland Browns.

*23. Denver (1-3) LW: no change*

If Kyle Orton wants to secure his job, he’s got to win against the Chargers this weekend. Going into the bye week 1-4 could force the Broncos to consider playing Tim Tebow against the Dolphins.

*24. Carolina (1-3) LW: no change*

Cam Newton has excelled this season, but the Panthers still think they can kick the ball to “Devin Hester”:

*25. Seattle (1-3) LW: 26*

The Seahawks might only have one win this season, but that’s good enough to be tied for second place in the NFC West.

*26. Arizona (1-3) LW: 25*

I really wanted to put Seattle here, but the Cardinals lost to them two weeks ago.

*27. Jacksonville (1-3) LW: no change*

The Jaguars are still having trouble not having their games “blacked out”:, but it’s understandable why fans wouldn’t watch.

*28. St. Louis (0-4) LW: 30*

Steven Jackson is back from injury, but Danny Amendola is not — he needs season-ending surgery. Sam Bradford just wishes he had more healthy, talented people to give the football.

*29. Minnesota (0-4) LW: no change*

Things have gotten so bad in Minnesota that there’s talk of replacing Donovan McNabb with rookie Christian Ponder.

*30. Miami (0-4) LW: 28*

The Dolphins’ season may be in the hands of Daniel Thomas and Reggie Bush, as Chad Henne needs season-ending shoulder surgery. On a positive note, since Miami needed a new quarterback, “Sage Rosenfels”: is relevant again.

*31. Chiefs (1-3) LW: 32*

The Chiefs got their first win last week and play the Colts this weekend. I thought it would be nice to throw them a bone and bump them up a spot.

*32. Indianapolis (0-4) LW: 31*

The Colts still don’t have Peyton Manning, so they’re not very good.

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