Sophomore guard deemed ‘funniest player’ as stories appear on Twitter

Sophomore Joseph Bertrand of the Illinois men’s basketball team may be the funniest player in the nation, at least according to junior teammate Brandon Paul.

Because of the humorous times he spends with Bertrand, Paul decided to share the stories on his Twitter account (as the username “@BP3”:!/@BP3) under the hashtag #JoeTales.

“Joe does so many crazy things, I feel like people should know about this guy,” Paul said. “He’s literally one of the funniest kids I’ve ever met, probably one of the funniest kids in the nation.”

Bertrand wouldn’t go as far as to say he’s the funniest player in the country, but he doesn’t want to dispute Paul, either.

“I haven’t really met everybody in the nation, but I don’t know, if he says it, he thinks he knows everything,” Bertrand joked.

So far, the response on Twitter has been overwhelmingly positive.

Paul said when he was walking through the mall one day somebody came up to him to say how much he enjoyed them. He also asked his followers to “retweet” a message if people liked the #JoeTales stories, which prompted more than 40 people to retweet the message.

Among the stories shared so far, one of the more popular ones, and Paul’s favorite in particular, was about why Bertrand doesn’t have a Twitter himself. Bertrand’s responded by saying, “Because I get nervous when people follow me.”

Sophomore teammate Meyers Leonard, however, can’t choose which of the tweets is his favorite.

“I wouldn’t say I have a favorite one because there’s so many,” Leonard said. “Joe is just a character overall, and he’s hilarious.”

As to what Bertrand himself thinks of the posts, his response was simple.

“It’s my life, I guess,” he said.

But don’t expect Bertrand to join Twitter anytime in the future. He said he’ll just stick to Facebook for now and doesn’t have the time.

“I wouldn’t be updating it as much as people think I would,” Bertrand said.

However, with the season quickly approaching, the growing legend of Bertrand will have to be put on hold as per team policy not to use Twitter during the season. Leonard was confident in saying that when the season does eventually conclude, they’ll come right back.

“Whenever we get Twitter back, there will probably be a dictionary full of them,” Leonard said.

“It’s gonna get big,” Bertrand admitted.