Illini Drive @ 5

h3. National question:

*Who benefits the most from Oklahoma’s loss this week?*

Jacob Bleyer: I’m gonna say Stanford. … We all kinda thought it was gonna be the winner of Oklahoma-Oklahoma State, LSU-Alabama. I think, with obviously Wisconsin’s no longer in the picture, I think that Stanford’s got a good shot.

h3. Big ten question:

*Who’s going to the rose bowl from the big ten now that Wisconsin has lost?*

Max Tane: It’s gonna be Wisconsin. I said at the beginning of the year that Michigan State would win that game, and I said that Michigan State would meet Wisconsin in a rematch in Indianapolis. They’re gonna meet in a rematch, and I think Wisconsin’s gonna win.

h3. Illinois question:

*Who should be the next punt returner for Illinois? *

Spencer Turkin: Someone from the track team, please stand up and be the punt returner. We’ve tried everything on the roster, and that’s not working. So let’s go to the outside, let’s pluck someone, or have open tryouts. Who can run the 40 the fastest on campus? And who can catch a ball? And whoever can do it, welcome to the squad, you’re a walk-on, and you get all the cool swag, and you’re on the football team now.