I would like to thank the academy

By Eli Schuster, Sports Editor

*tap* *tap*

Is this thing on?

Hello, my name is Elias Schuster, and I am extremely excited to be accepting this position on behalf of the Academy, otherwise known as The Daily Illini Editor-in-Chief Abby Paeth, who gave me this award.

Now bear with me through an acceptance speech.

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    Having the chance to take over the position of sports editor at this wonderful publication is a complete honor; however, I didn’t just end up here.

    I walked through the doors of The Daily Illini office as a freshman for an interview only about a month after stepping onto campus in August 2015. Ever since my early high school years, I knew journalism was a field that would suit me well.

    I pinpoint my moment of realization back to a visit I made to the CNN Center in Atlanta. I rode a long, slow escalator through a cut-out globe. I reached the top and started a tour where I saw journalists in their natural habitat: chaos. Strangely enough, I was immediately captivated.

    I loved the hustle. I loved the pace. I loved the fact that every single minute could bring something new.

    When I walked out of the doors on that summer day, I had a career path in mind. Although I’m not going to lie and say that later that day I didn’t consider a career at the World of Coca-Cola, which is also in Atlanta, that’s beside the point.

    For the next handful of years, my passion for journalism would only grow, and I knew that once I began my college education, it would be time to push myself in almost every way possible. I applied to The Daily Illini as a freshman with no hesitation, and after a lousy sports exam accompanied by a decent-at-best interview, I was hired to the sports staff.

    Originally, I was assigned to be a video sports reporter. I entered with a staff of about five, and it only took about three weeks for me to be the only one left standing. I listened to my editor and became his production assistant. The new title allowed for me to edit football videos together and begin covering Illinois basketball games.

    After a year in this position, I moved up to being at the helm of the sports video section and stayed there for two years. I have now covered Illinois football and basketball for the past three seasons and will be making it a fourth when my senior campaign kicks off with the first game of the Illini football season in fall 2018.

    My still-developing journalistic history expands far past this information, but to sum it all up, I have apparently done enough to earn myself the title of sports editor.

    I plan to create and develop content that matters for this position that matters. The Daily Illini will be sharing stories about revenue sports and non-revenue sports alike. Equality, diversity, hard work and, yes, fun will be demonstrated by the staff on a daily basis. I am not sitting in this position to tell anyone what to do; instead, I sit here with the hope that I can show people what they can do.

    I think I’m about to be played off.

    I want to thank my parents for pushing me to do what I love. I want to to thank Masaki Sugimoto for being a great mentor during my freshman start. I want to thank professor Jean McDonald for telling me to give it a go. Lastly, I want to thank those who have stood by me.

    I’ll hoist this newspaper (trophy) high.


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