Another college baseball program falls victim to virus


Photo Courtesy of Fighting Illini Athletics

Senior Joey Gerber throws a pitch during competition.

By Rich Eberwein, Staff Writer

Boise State announced the elimination of its baseball, swimming and diving programs last week. Just three years ago, the Broncos decided to reactivate their baseball team after decades of dormancy dating back to 1980.

“Today’s decision came after an extensive review and in-depth analysis of the athletics department’s budgets and programs by several senior leaders,” said Boise State President Marlene Tromp.

The move will save nearly $3 million and will hopefully be the last of a series of cuts that have hit college baseball and other sports teams. Furman and Chicago State announced the neutralization of their baseball teams earlier this year and Bowling Green State did the same before a fundraising effort reversed the decision.

2020 was the first year the Boise State Broncos fielded a baseball diamond in forty nearly four decades and opened the season with a respectable 9-5 record. Now just a few months later, their team is again nonexistent.

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