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Hello! I'm Kaitlin and I'm excited to be the new design editor at the Daily Illini! I'm a junior majoring in studio art with a minor in creative writing and started working at the Daily Illini last semester. I have a passion for painting, illustrating, writing stories, cooking, and watching horror movies. In my free time, I love to hang out with friends, create art or sing random songs (my voice hasn't broken anything yet, so maybe that's a sign I'm the next rising star). I'm excited to take on this position at the Daily Illini, and everything it has to offer!

Kaitlin Mikrut, Design Editor

Sep 17, 2020
Editorial | University must invest in mental health services (Media)
Sep 14, 2020
Ikebana teaches students about making right choices (Media)
Sep 14, 2020
University student moderates coronavirus subreddit (Media)
Sep 14, 2020
Opinion | Cats remain vastly underappreciated (Media)
Sep 10, 2020
Webinar series battles ageism during Healthy Aging Month           (Media)
Sep 08, 2020
Follow these tips for getting involved in research (Media)
Sep 08, 2020
Psychedelic therapy shows promising future for mental disorders (Media)
Sep 03, 2020
The Daily Illini hosts recruitment night (Media)
Sep 02, 2020
Politics, pandemic move hand in hand (Media)
Aug 31, 2020
Cockburn speaks against racial injustice in America (Media)
Aug 27, 2020
Editorial | Leave The US Postal Service alone (Media)
Aug 05, 2020
Amidst a changing world, keep an open mind (Media)
Aug 05, 2020
Don’t dismiss importance of staying organized (Media)
Jul 15, 2020
Illinois Commitment: What are you really committing to? (Media)
Jun 09, 2020
Editorial | BLM protests catalyze critical change (Media)
May 14, 2020
University Board of Trustees to vote on new intimate relations policy (Media)
Apr 28, 2020
Opinion | Coronavirus erodes Trump’s re-election chances (Media)
Apr 10, 2020
Congressional candidate Stefanie Smith runs an unapologetically working-class campaign (Media)
Apr 09, 2020
Maintain your long-distance relationships during pandemic (Media)
Apr 09, 2020
Students navigate job market during pandemic (Media)
Apr 02, 2020
University offers online counseling to students (Media)
Apr 02, 2020
Editorial | Pandemic reveals administration’s lack of preparedness (Media)
Mar 31, 2020
Opinion | Love languages are important (Media)
Mar 26, 2020
Editorial | The right mindset helps reduce ‘cabin fever’ (Media)
Mar 24, 2020
University terminates all study abroad programs (Media)
Mar 23, 2020
University increases Latinx graduation rate despite setbacks (Media)
Mar 12, 2020
Protect those around you: Self-quarantine after break (Media)
Mar 11, 2020
Opinion | Improve your communication skills (Media)
Mar 09, 2020
Opinion | China’s Belt and Road should alarm international community (Media)
Mar 05, 2020
Editorial | Vote ‘Yes’ to Media Fee (Media)
Feb 24, 2020
Opinion | American attitudes harm more than coronavirus (Media)
Feb 20, 2020
Opinion | Being a college student is a privilege, not a chore (Media)
Feb 19, 2020
University culture experienced by European Exchange students (Media)
Feb 05, 2020
Cleaning up: Two entrepreneurs profit from students’ dirty laundry (Media)
Feb 03, 2020
Opinion | Voting for disunity may be necessary (Media)
Jan 27, 2020
Opinion | It’s okay to find comfort in routine (Media)
Jan 27, 2020
Opinion | ‘Bachelor’ franchise launches influencer careers, not love (Media)
Jan 21, 2020
Opinion | 2020 Oscar nominations unfairly criticized (Media)
Jan 21, 2020
Opinion | Students require more from teaching assistants (Media)
Dec 12, 2019
Opinion | Plantation weddings trivialize history of human rights abuse (Media)
Dec 09, 2019
Opinion | Parents can’t be your scapegoats forever (Media)
Nov 18, 2019
Opinion | Cancel culture is unjustly criticized (Media)
Nov 14, 2019
Opinion | Texting is a language barrier (Media)
Nov 13, 2019
Small majors offer big reward (Media)
Nov 04, 2019
Opinion | ‘Bojack Horseman’ avoids traditional Hollywood tropes (Media)
Oct 31, 2019
Students share some favorite dad memories (Media)
Oct 21, 2019
Costume consciousness inspires discussion (Media)
Oct 08, 2019
Opinion | All-inclusive hotels diminish international experiences (Media)
Oct 07, 2019
Opinion | Social media catalyzes political polarization (Media)