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Hunting for an internship? Campus resources can help

Hunting for an internship? Campus resources can help

By Jason Chun, Assistant news editor

May 25, 2016

Resources at the Career Center and around campus help students who are looking for summer internships.

University of Illinois ranked 18th out of top 25 universities to produce female entrepreneurs

University of Illinois ranked 18th out of top 25 universities to produce female entrepreneurs

By Jessie Webster

August 25, 2015

Melonee Wise, University Engineering alumna, was named one of MIT Technology Review’s Innovators Under 35 in August. Wise, is currently the CEO of Fetch Robotics and cofounded a software operating company called Unbounded Robotics. University alumni like Wise have contributed to database company Cru...

Look your best: How to dress professionally

By Hanadi Abunaim

January 27, 2015

Whether students are searching for internships or jobs for after graduation, the spring career fairs are the place to make a good first impression—and looking the part can be the first step. According to Jennifer Neef, associate director of the Career Center, dressing well is a crucial component of mak...

LinkedIn 101: A student guide

By Victoria Snell

January 27, 2015

With the spring semester underway, career fair season is in full swing. Thus, networking for internships and job opportunities is crucial. While Twitter and Facebook are social media platforms that can connect students with potential employers — LinkedIn’s sole mission is to “connect the world’s p...

Online portfolios play a role in helping students land the job

The online portfolio homepage of Sean Keane, senior in FAA. 

By Mikayla Ostendorf

January 27, 2015

Along with resumes, cover letters and up-to-date LinkedIn profiles comes another important tool for self promotion: the online portfolio. The use for online portfolios can vary depending on the major, said Michele Plante, career services coordinator for the College of Fine and Applied Arts. Students i...

Utilizing career services on campus

Students take advantage of the career resources available through the University both at the Career Center and at campus career fairs.

By Bridget Hynes

January 27, 2015

The University offers several resources for students who are career-minded, including the online forum I-Link, career fairs and college-specific advisors. Below are a few of the resources available to students: Career Services Offices The University has 12 different career services offices on campus, including the...

From books to business: Students on campus hold a variety of jobs

Laurel Jakubowski, senior in ACES, works at her job at Carle Foundation Hospital in Urbana, Illinois.

By Jaini Shah

January 27, 2015

For some students, college is about more than cramming for exams or spending the night out with friends. The costs of textbooks, food and everyday necessities begin to add up, and many students support themselves by finding an on-campus job. According to Emily Wickstrom Neal, assistant director for the ...

A balancing act

By Abrar Al-Heeti

September 16, 2014

Managing a full course load can be quite the challenge, and having an internship on top of that requires even more dedication. But taking part in an internship during the school year instead of waiting for the summer months can benefit students tremendously. Not only do these semester or year-long internships pro...

Successful interviews combine persuasion, presentation

By Saher Khan

September 16, 2014

The Interview: a nerve-wracking ritual for all who are applying for jobs. For the nervous, it is their demise, and for the overconfident, their foil. Steven Conaton, the mock interview program coordinator at the University’s Career Center, said that the interview, however daunting it may seem, is the ...

Career Center offers resources for all

The Career Center on Wright Street is a resource for students at the University. They offer services such as career advising, mock interviews and career fairs.

By Taylor Lucero

September 16, 2014

Whether a freshman, senior or a graduate, students of all levels can come to the Career Center for help and advice on a multitude of topics. The Career Center is located on campus at 715 S. Wright St. in Champaign. Students can go to the Career Center to discuss their majors with counselors, get advisem...

Choose major outside prospective job outcome

Choose major outside prospective job outcome

January 28, 2014

A common follow-up to the “What’s your major?” question is the dreaded “What can you do with that?” And while the questioner may be well-intentioned, the implication remains: Majors should be chosen for their intended job outcome.  However, Rebecca Diaz, assistant director at The Career Center,...

Experience outside classroom helpful in professional world

January 28, 2014

While still in college, students can work tirelessly in preparation for the day they finally enter the “real world” and begin their careers. Fortunately for University students, Illinois is known as one of the top academic institutions in the country and serves as an ideal training ground for students...