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Grace Khachaturian, senior in Journalism, was crowned Miss Illinois 2018.

University student prepares for Miss America competition

By Sidney Madden, Staff writer September 6, 2018

On Aug. 25, Miss Illinois Grace Khachaturian was surrounded by friends and family at her send-off party for the 2019 Miss America 2.0 competition. The next time she will see most of them will be after...

One of the many performances at last years PakSA culture night.

Pakistani Student Association hosts annual culture night

By Shahzmeen Hussain December 1, 2015

Biryani, flavored rice made with Indian spices and meat or vegetables, and nihari, a curry consisting of slow-cooked beef or lamb along with bone marrow, are two well known South Asian dishes that attendees...

 The bar at Venue 51, which is colored by an array of lights, is now opening to the public for Wednesday night drink specials. Previously, the bar was known for hosting private parties.

Venue 51 brings back traditional Illini event

By Mara Shapiro August 26, 2015

With exposed ceilings, a hammered metal bar and vibrant lights refracting off the geometric interior, Venue 51 provides a new, contemporary setting for Wednesday night drink specials. Director of Events...

No Comment performs at the Midwest Quarterfinal of the International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella competition, which the group won, on Jan. 24.

No Comment wins ICCA Midwest Quarterfinal

By Stephanie Kim February 3, 2015

Members of No Comment have had a note-worthy January.  From performing in a room of seasoned politicians and professionals at the Prairie Capital Convention Center in Springfield on Jan. 12 to winning...

Andrew Stengele and crew members during the shooting of one of the 2014 Pens to Lens films, Fast and Furious 8.

Pens to Lens film competition brings screenplays to life

By Earn Saenmuk July 14, 2014

A number of student screenwriters may soon see their vision on the silver screen as filmmakers, actors and artists in Central Illinois produce a number of films based on submissions to Pens to Lens, a...

Seven teams, each representing a club from the College of Veterinary Medicine, competed in the Nestle Purina Dog House Building Competition on Saturday afternoon.

Veterinary Medicine students build dog houses for local shelters

By Rebecca Jacobs May 5, 2014

A golden retriever named Ruby roamed below the tables of the University’s Large Animal Clinic courtyard on Saturday afternoon, greeting competitors and looking for a pat on her head. Above her, seven...

Choose major outside prospective job outcome

Choose major outside prospective job outcome

January 28, 2014

A common follow-up to the “What’s your major?” question is the dreaded “What can you do with that?” And while the questioner may be well-intentioned, the implication remains: Majors should be...

More to farming advancement in Africa than unity

December 9, 2013

Editor’s note: This letter is a response to a previous article, “College of ACES to join in on agricultural education program,” published in the Dec. 2, 2013, edition of The Daily Illini.  The writer,...

Schneider head to nationals for Illini cross-country

November 21, 2013

Alyssa Schneider will look to build upon momentum from the NCAA regional as she prepares to run in the NCAA Championships on Saturday. The sophomore Schneider was projected to finish in the twenties but...

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