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Women’s rowing novice 4-plus team wins national championship

Pictured from left-to-right: Dana Brecklin, Diana Montgomery, Elizabeth Dunne, Katie Ruhl, and coxswain Adele Rehkemper, members of the women’s novice 4-plus rowing team. The team recently won its second national championship in Georgia.

By Charlotte Carroll

June 2, 2014

One is bloodstained. One holds a ribbon recognizing the recent shooting at UC Santa Barbara.One came straight off a rower’s back. One has never been worn.Yet all of these elements can be found in a collection of 10 shirts that the University of Illinois’ club rowing women’s novice 4-plus team won...

Senator promotes financial aid office to add disclosure statements

By Megan Jones

February 10, 2014

For several student borrowers wishing to attend college, taking out student loans may be the biggest financial transaction they have encountered at 18 years old. Tony Fiorentino, Illinois Student Senator and graduate student, fears that these students might not have the financial literacy to know what they ...