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Netflix will not melt your brain

By Isabella Winkler, Columnist

August 9, 2016

One of the many valuable lessons I’ve learned at college is that school and Netflix go hand in hand. Whether we are procrastinating, winding down or choosing to save the eight dollars a month for something decidedly more valuable, every college student has a relationship with Netflix. Lately, my online streami...

International Week celebrates University’s growing global community

A Taiwanese American Student Club member captivates onlookers as he performs with a Chinese yo-yo during the 2013 International Week's Travel Around the World event.

By Stephanie Kim

April 7, 2015

International Week offers students, faculty and local residents a chance to explore and participate in the University’s growing global community — but without leaving campus.  From April 6-12, various events will showcase and highlight the diverse group of nations and cultures that are represent...

High diversity sets comforts, setbacks for international students

High diversity sets comforts, setbacks for international students

March 19, 2015

Yangwentao Fang, junior in Engineering, has spent the last four years in the United States. He had dreamed of visiting the U.S. since middle school, and when his high school in Hunan, China, offered a foreign exchange program for his senior year, Fang jumped at the opportunity. During his first year spe...