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Editorial: Humanities must not fall by wayside

By The Daily Illini Editorial Board May 12, 2016

A diploma from an esteemed university used to mean something. It was something that many graduates proudly hung on their walls or put on their desks at their new businesses. But now, that doesn’t...

Academic and Student Affairs: Fewer degree programs, more students

By Ali Braboy September 10, 2015

The Academic an Student Affairs Committee of the Board of Trustees met Wednesday to discuss increased enrollment, program elimination and faculty appointments.Increased EnrollmentChristophe Pierre, vice...

Follow your dreams, despite the odds

Follow your dreams, despite the odds

By Claire Hettinger May 5, 2015

For all the dreamers graduating in May, this one’s for you. I’m glad you have decided to believe in your talents and dreams; you will make the world a better place. Now, listen: You’re going to be...

Graduates stay in C-U for school, work

Graduates stay in C-U for school, work

May 5, 2015

As graduation draws near, many seniors are preparing to say their final goodbyes to the University. There are a number of them, however, who will be returning to campus in the fall for graduate school. One...

Nicole’s mother, Darcie Crifase, at age 21, the same age as Nicole is now.

UI student talks life after losing mother to breast cancer

November 3, 2014

Nicole Crifase remembers sitting in the bathtub, clutching her knees and trying to comprehend what had just happened. It was March 27, 2005, and her mother, Darcie Crifase, had just lost her battle against...

Community Elements’ Youth Center in Champaign-Urbana works to address the needs of homeless youth and families.

Champaign youth shelter receives federal grant

By Anike Owoye October 13, 2014

Champaign-Urbana is no exception to the nationwide problem of homelessness.  According to the Urbana-Champaign Continuum of Care’s homelessness surveys, homelessness among children in Champaign County...

Being decision-conscious makes it easy to save money without sacrificing comfort

By Peter Bailey-Wells August 14, 2014

Whether you’re in-state, out-of-state or from another country, this year of college probably marks the first year you’re living away from home. Even if you went to boarding school or summer camp, this...

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