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Urbana to celebrate 40th Sweetcorn Festival

Chong Jiang The Daily Illini
A volunteer butters and wraps up freshly cooked corn on the cob at the Urbana Sweetcorn Festival on Saturday, Aug 27, 2011.
August 19, 2015

The Urbana Sweetcorn Festival, Champaign County’s largest free festival, averages around 50,000 attendees a year, but the sponsors are hoping for more at this year’s 40th anniversary. Jessica Snyder,...

Urbana woman draws national attention with music video

March 12, 2014

Lizzie Duckworth Carter has drawn national attention after her song “Let’s Move!” was featured in the National League of Cities newsletter commemorating the 4th anniversary of the Let’s Move! initiative. Duckworth...

Commission votes to cut down tallest tree in Urbana

The Urbana Tree Commission unanimously voted to cut down Urbana’s oldest tree while saving as much of the trunk as possible. Citizens gathered at the meeting to suggest possible uses for the trunk, including using the trunk as a cross section to highlight moments in Urbana history.
January 22, 2014

Bare branches sway in the breeze similarly to brimming ones, yet rarely receive as much attention from those passing by. However, on Jan. 6, when a white dot appeared on the 312 Coler St. hackberry tree...

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