The Daily Illini startup awards students for academic achievement

By Samantha Jones Toal March 3, 2016

In high school, parents might have slid their kids $20 for every A on their report card. Now, a microscholarship website is essentially doing the same thing for high schoolers on a much broader

Alexis Casati rallys back the ball at the Atkins Tennis Center on February 13, 2016. Illini beat South Florida 5-2

Illini women's tennis takes on visiting Depaul

By Tim Griffin February 18, 2016

tweet: [email protected] takes on visiting No. 49 Depaul at Atkins Tennis Center this weekend. With the Illini women’s tennis team just overcoming a three-match losing streak with a victory over South...

University students among the most driven in U.S.

University students among the most driven in U.S.

September 8, 2014

It has been 10 years since arguably the most well-known dorm-room startup launched. In a dorm room at Harvard’s Kirkland House, Mark Zuckerberg’s 2004 creation of Facebook continues to be a benchmark...

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