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John Kasich’s insensitive approach to sexual assault

By Minju Park, Columnist

August 9, 2016

Ohio Gov. John Kasich spoke briefly at a town hall in Watertown, New York, where he answered questions including one from a student of St. Lawrence University in Canton, New York. His response to her question regarding sexual assault on college campuses sparked outrage and criticisms of victim blamin...

Four assaults reported off-campus in past month

By Daily Illini Staff Report

February 4, 2016

Daily Illini Staff ReportFour cases of assault have been reported in Champaign since the beginning of second semester, the Division of Public Safety announced in a Community Safety Notice on Wednesday.On Jan. 31 in the 300 block of East Clark Street, the Champaign Police Department reported that a man wa...

Don’t be afraid to burst your own bubble

Don't be afraid to burst your own bubble

March 31, 2015

Picture in your mind 1950s Smalltown, USA; white picket fences, the shops lining Main Street, the creepily photogenic nuclear family with two perfect kids and two sedans in the driveway; one for Mom, one for Dad. Take that image, strap it into a time machine and send it to 2015. That’s pretty much my...