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Campus group demands new approach to addressing racism and discrimination at UI

By Charlotte Collins and Dixita Limbachia

December 9, 2015

Standing with heR is a group of women on campus that has pushed for more diversity and inclusion at the University.The group organized demands Tuesday for University administration in relation to the racism on campus. Member and student Pasha Trotter said she believes the demands given to administration by ...

Wilson outlines initiatives promoting diversity and inclusion

Wilson outlines initiatives promoting diversity and inclusion

By Daily Illini Staff Report

December 7, 2015

Rather than the traditional holiday greeting Massmail, Interim Chancellor Barbara Wilson sent out a list of initiatives Monday afternoon addressing recent issues of the racism and discrimination that she recognized are a “part of daily life” for some students on campus.Wilson referred to campus ...

Gender Women Studies aims to promote campus solidarity

By Christin Watkins

December 7, 2015

Following a Black Student Solidarity rally and the creation of an Illini White Student Union, the Department of Gender and Women’s Studies looked to promote solidarity at the UniversityJT.“I think solidarity means you recognize that you can have different positions on a particular topic, but that w...

Same-sex marriage bill marked by desperation, not equality

November 12, 2013

Despite what many, including the editorial of this paper, may tell you, Illinois’ same-sex marriage bill is not about equality, but desperation.  There was no interest in pursuing equality with this redefinition. That may seem absurd to common viewers of media, especially social media, because equ...