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University alumnus reflects on his time at the 1965 Selma protests

John Baird, University 1968 alumnus, participated in the march through Selma, Alabama, in 1965 along with four other University students.
March 16, 2015

John Baird felt the edges of a large envelope.  He found it at his home buried in a box, wedged between newspaper front pages and term papers from his years at the University. The basement of his house...

Volunteers rebuild in Ferguson

Volunteers rebuild in Ferguson
December 1, 2014

FERGUSON, MO. — Store windows along Florissant Road in Ferguson, Missouri, are boarded up, but the windows won’t be drab for long.  Volunteers are painting the plywood where rioters and looters damaged...

Dismay over pension legislation

April 22, 2014

Faculty are already dismayed by pension reform legislation that is likely to prompt a brain-drain come summer.  Chris Kennedy’s remarks about how faculty ought to take action add bewilderment to dismay....

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