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The man behind the trans fat ban

Fred Kummerow, emeritus professor of comparative biosciences, sits in his Urbana home, discussing his life's work of heart disease research and campaign to ban trans fats. On Nov. 7, the FDA announced its plan to ban the substance from all foods.
December 4, 2013

In Fred Kummerow’s home in Urbana, a small slate plaque reads “I am still learning.” Michelangelo recorded this quote when he was 87 years old. For Kummerow, who is 99, these are the words he has...

FDA implements ban on trans fats

FDA implements ban on trans fats
November 20, 2013

The battle to ban artificial trans fats is finally coming to a close as the FDA issued the preliminary determination that partially hydrogenated oils are not “generally recognized as safe” early this...

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