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UI professor awarded $50,000 to kick-start career

The Fout Group is a chemical research group committed to molecule work. Faut (fourth from left) and her group will now be working on an investigation on nitrite reduction, a process that can reduce blood pressure.

By Aaron Navarro

October 18, 2015

Just in time for National Chemistry Week, Alison Fout, assistant professor in chemistry, was recently awarded a $50,000 grant to begin new research.Fout received a Marion Milligan Mason Award for Women in Chemical Sciences, a research grant given to female scientists who are just starting their careers....

Revive and retain the arts

By Daily Illini Editorial Board

February 10, 2015

The arts is a field that has been looked at as nonessential in schooling for years now. It is a field that has struggled to maintain its standards because of financial cuts and students choosing other career paths. This is something that can be seen nationally and throughout all levels of education. On ou...