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Lethal combinations to avoid on Unofficial

Photo Illustration by Scott Durand, Nick Fortin, Maggie Huynh, Eunie Kim, Brenton Tse

By Elizabeth Dye and Alice Smelyansky

March 6, 2014

#YOLO. #RAGE. #TURNTUP. On Unofficial, the one day when most students agree that being inebriated before noon is perfectly acceptable, there is no shortage of living by the principles of these hash tags. It’s a tradition that has become associated with the University, for better or worse, depending on ...

Illinois women’s soccer club seeks national title

Illinois women’s soccer club seeks national title

November 20, 2013

Puffs of breath float away into the air, mixing with leaves that have blown from trees and are now scattered across the turf. Under the glow of the moon and the remaining lights, the Illinois women’s soccer club team is the sole body left at the campus recreation practice fields. “Beep!” As coach...