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Community members reflect on mission of Mars One

On Aug. 27, Mars will swing nearer to Earth than it has been in almost 60,000 years. This sequence of photographs shows how it appears larger as it gets closer to Earth.

March 17, 2015

It sounds like a movie plot, but the team at Mars One isn’t joking around. The Dutch entrepreneur Bas Lansdorp founded the mission in 2011 with a goal to make a permanent human settlement on Mars by 2025.  The only catch is the team won’t be coming back to Earth.  According to its “road map,” the...

Pay it forward this Thanksgiving

Pay it forward this Thanksgiving

By Rebecca Kapolnek

November 21, 2014

On Tuesday when I opened my Facebook, I noticed a status posted by one of my friends saying, “5 more Monday’s until Christmas!” I immediately asked myself, how is it November already?  In a few short days, we will be heading home or on vacation for Thanksgiving break and spending some much needed a...