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Time to end excuses, cheating with pine tar

Time to end excuses, cheating with pine tar

By Thomas Donley

April 29, 2014

Editor’s note: Editor’s note: This column is written as part of a point-counterpoint. The other column, arguing pitchers should be allowed to use pine tar, can be found here. On July 24, 1983, George Brett was called out for hitting a home run with too much pine tar on his bat. Thirty years later, in light of the ...

New musicians to dominate Grammys

By Alexander Vassiliadis

January 23, 2014

On Sunday night, millions across the United States will have their eyes glued to the television, waiting to see their favorite musicians receive one of the highest awards in the music business: the Grammy.  Before getting into specifics, if someone were to ask me to describe this year’s Grammy awards with on...