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Fewer buses, road construction during spring break, no buses Sunday, March 27

By Daily Illini Staff Report

March 21, 2016

Commuters on campus may need to reschedule their normal routes due to road closures and reduced MTD bus service during spring break. The buses will either be not running or traveling routes less frequently from Monday, March 21, to Saturday, March 26. There will be no buses Sunday, March 27ss. All b...

New potential found with helicase discovery

University research teams are working together to study helicase, searching for new uses for the repair protein. There are hopes that it may be useful to many biological systems, including premature aging, birth defects and cancer. 

April 29, 2015

University researchers are exploring new possibilities for uses of helicase, the repair protein in DNA. By using a new laboratory technique which can detect the structure of enzymes and measure the DNA unwinding process simultaneously, two research laboratories in the University collaborated to study...