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Reclaiming natural beauty through hair

Kyla Chriss, sophomore in LAS “There are so many different types of textures and different things work for different people. There’s not just one mindset.”

February 4, 2015

I couldn’t see the cold, unfamiliar hands disappear within my thick patch of curls claiming ownership over my head. But I felt them.   Seemingly everywhere I looked — long, straight, luscious hair spilled down the backs of women. Meanwhile, my hair barely kissed my shoulders, and despite my effor...

Resigned officials still teaching on campus

Resigned officials still teaching on campus

By Johnathan Hettinger

November 11, 2013

In May 2009, the Chicago Tribune broke a story about the Urbana campus of the University giving preferential treatment to applicants placed on the “Category I” list. The list was populated with people recommended by lawmakers, University trustees and other public figures who were able to influence Univ...