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Alumnae reflect on their time at Illinois

Alumnae reflect on their time at Illinois

April 7, 2015

Before the days of Facebook, Tinder, online class registration and air conditioning, our school looked very different. Tuition was significantly cheaper, rules were less strict and there were no co-ed dorms. We emailed current students’ moms and grandmas who attended the University in the 1960s, 7...

Climbing the housing ladder: Why I’ll never be alone with good friends

Abby Glickman with Brittney Nadler, Illini Media employee and sophomore in LAS, and Jenni Jozwiak, sophomore in Education, in front of the sorority house on move-in day in August.

February 24, 2015

Two years ago, when I moved into Illini Tower as a freshman, I had enough nervous butterflies for the entire student population. I had only been away from home a few times — a weeklong journalism camp in high school, and a school trip to Australia for 12 days. To put it simply, the concept of living...

Who makes the perfect roommate?

By Saher Khan

October 7, 2014

Searching for the right roommate can be a stressful and nerve-wracking task that requires a lot of time in order to find a perfect match. And while a roommate does not have to be a best friend, they do have to be someone who is tolerable to live with. To provide these types of mates, many housing options on campu...