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University offers options for on-campus breakers

Zoe Grant Daily Illini
Students gathered on the Main Quad to enjoy the snow on Manday afternoon.

By Yi Zhang

December 10, 2015

As students feel the pressure from a busy finals week, the beckoning of winter break can offer a welcome relief. Though a significant amount of students will go back home and reunite with their families, there are a number of students that decide to stay on campus for their winter break every year.L...

International students share their U.S. experiences

Fera Mohamad, senior in LAS, will be returning to her home country of Malaysia after graduating in May.

May 5, 2015

When Fera Mohamad, senior in LAS, arrived at the University in fall 2011, she was nervous, but excited for her freshman year. After living her entire life in Sepang, Malaysia, she was not sure what to expect in the U.S. “All I knew about America is what I watched from the movies,” Mohamad said, ci...

Workshop to discuss Americanization, reverse culture shock

By Stephanie Kim

April 22, 2014

They make up 21 percent of the University’s student body, represent 115 countries from around the world and help make the University the most diverse public university in the Big Ten. They are the 8,850 international students on campus. On Tuesday, the Asian American Cultural Center aims to change ...

International students celebrate Moms Weekend away from mothers

By Earn Saenmuk

April 1, 2014

When asking an international student about his or her plans for Moms Weekend, the following responses have come up: “Is it like all the moms will come to campus and they will have a family reunion or something?” “I have no idea what it is.” “We have that too? Is it like mother’s day?” ...

Students share cultural experience during International Week

March 31, 2014

The University is home to 8,850 international students who represent over 115 countries. International students will be able to show off their cultures during the various events of the University’s International Week. “It is really a time to highlight when the international component of our campus can ...